Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Attack of the Puppet People


This charming picture centers on a lonely old dollmaker with abandonment issues. Mr. Franz develops an awesome shrinking machine and uses it to transform various customers and employees into a collection of dolls to keep him company. I really can’t judge him too harshly because if I had a shrinking machine you’d better believe I would start my own human doll collection. From his point of view the dolls should be grateful to be taken care of. All of their needs are met and they can spend their days singing, dancing and partying. (Mercifully there is only one song and dance number.)

Some of the dolls don’t seem to mind their lot in life but secretary Sally and her fiancĂ© Bob convince the others that being held hostage is not in their best interest, and devise a plan to escape. Sadly, most of the film takes place in the office of Dolls Incorporated. The real fun begins at the very end when they’re running around outside, facing the many dangers a doll sized person would encounter in a big city.

JPX reviewed this in 2008 and we are in complete agreement that it’s fun, harmless and enjoyable. At first I thought that being puppet sized would be terrific because you could get into all sorts of mischievous hijinks. After watching Attack of the Puppet People I am now aware of the dangers and frustrations that can be caused by animals and doorknobs. I thought about my cat Rowan and how slowly and painfully she would kill me if I were doll sized, and I haven't looked at her the same way since.

One last thought, this is one of those movies whose title is a bold-faced lie. The puppet people are unquestionably the victims and do not “attack” anyone.


Catfreeek said...

Maybe it should have been called the plight of the puppet people. What was it with all the shrinking and enlarging they did in the films of the '50's?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

LOL, "Plight of the Puppet People" would be a hilarious title. No horror movie should ever begin with "Plight of..."

Octopunk said...

The picture could be of a puppet woman tied to a toy electric train track.

And that's a good question, Cat, especially considering all of the Attack of the Giant (insert critter) movies.

If I had a shrink ray I would probably shrink myself first so I could sit ithe driver's seats of all my toys.

JPX said...

How in any way are they "puppets". Does this mean they are his puppets because he is controlling them? How about, "Attack of the Tiny People"?

What's funny is the misleading poster and title. There is no such "attack". Instead there is a long dance number to pad out the run-time, which is short to begin with. Also, the teens never appear overly worried that they have been shrunken - it's almost as if they just assume that they we be normal-sized again at some point.

AC said...

wow, this sounds almost TOO biddy-friendly. a dance number, really?

Landshark said...

This might be the best comment thread yet.

Trevor said...

If you ever do obtain said shrinking machine, you have my permission to shrink me so that I can spend my days singing and dancing.

DCD said...

Agreed, Landshark! I love us.