Friday, August 31, 2007

Great horrible movie finally comes out on DVD 9/11

It's also the only time I've ever seen Albert in a movie!


JohnnySweatpants said...

Did you know that the ending of the book is totally different than the ending in the movie? The movie ended with Sam turning into a robot that closely resembled BB and then snapping Paul's neck offscreen. The book ends at a moment in which Sam and Paul are on a bridge, fighting in the rain, Sam is on top of Paul and Paul, thinking that Sam is trying to kill him, kicks her off of him, hard enough that she goes over the railing, crashes into the ice below and then goes through the ice into the water. Paul, realizing that Sam wasn't trying to kill him, but rather was just trying to take him with her when she would have jumped anyway, because , as the book states it "she did not want to go into the darkness alone. She wanted him with her", then swan dives off the bridge, with the final line of the book being Paul's final thought- "So this is what love comes to".

Octopunk said...

The book?