Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tom Cruise now brainwashing his adopted children; still dumb

From WWTDD, Star Magazine, via Celebitchy, says that the two adopted children of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have spent the summer at a camp outside Portland, a camp that critics say is designed to take kids while they're young and indoctrinate them into Scientology. Star says:

As Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their 15-month-old cutie Suri were snapped romping around Berlin in between his filming the World War II drama, Valkyrie, noticeably absent from these family outings were daughter Isabella, 14, and son Connor, 12. Nor were the two with mom Nicole Kidman, who is currently in Australia filming her own WWII epic. So where have the Cruise kids been all summer? Star has learned that the youngsters are in Oregon, at a camp 60 miles south of Portland run by the Church of Scientology! “The summer camp is part of the Scientology’s ‘get them while they’re young’ campaign,” a source who attended the camp tells Star. “While they will be enjoying horseback riding, swimming and all kinds of fun activities, some of their day is devoted to Scientology coursework.”

And by golly that's what camp is all about. It's all about e-meters and thetans and chanting to some comically misinformed counselors about a religion based on 76 million year old aliens trapped on Earth in Volcano prisons. About a religion that is totally real, and not a sham at all. Theologically speaking, you might as well pray to a shoe, or the Great Pumpkin, but that's hardly the point.


DCD said...

I'm sort of surprised that Nicole Kidman would allow this considering she's not too pro Scientology.

Octopunk said...

Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed there. Too busy filming to rescue the kids -- or at least that's how the kids will probably characterize it.

Julie said...

Whatever. She's Catholic. What's worse?