Friday, August 31, 2007

Uh, yeah, we get it

From iwatchstuff, Hey did you know John Travolta and Kelly Preston are scientologists? Oh, I know, I hadn't heard about it either. They live their lives with such a quiet dignity, it's impossible to know what they're up too. Luckily they were more than happy to bring it up without being asked last night on the red carpet for "Death Sentence". OK! magazine says:

Kelly steps up for a joint interview and the couple begins preaching a bit about how their controversial religion actually helps their marriage. “We’re both Scientologists and we have similar beliefs in how to raise our kids,” Kelly says. “It keeps us constantly growing spiritually, happy and grounded. We know how to survive in life a whole lot better. It helps you on a daily basis. We apply religious philosophy everywhere that it’s applicable.” John pipes up. “We use the techniques all the time at work, home, with the kids,” he says. “It’s all tools for better survival – tools you need for every day life.”

They sure do know how to survive in life a whole lot better. When I think of mental and physical health, I think about Tom Cruise and John Travolta and Kirstie Alley. They've got the answers, my friends. I wish I was like them. Instead I'm over here carving “fatty” into my arm right now! God I'm so fat!


Octopunk said...

Ugh! So loony tunes. I was watching that show Big Love on HBO the other night (Julie's a big fan). It's about Mormons. It's very well written and well acted, but there was one scene in which a mom and her grown daughter weren't getting along (Mom doesn't approve of daughter being one of three wives), and the mother says "I can't just 'tolerate' you! You're my daughter! I'm responsible for your eternal salvation!"

Again, well acted, good line, an honest, uncritical portrayal of these people wrestling with serious problems. Except those problems make we want to scream "It's all a fairy tale! It's MADE UP! Some con artist 100 years ago wanted multiple wives, so he grafted a new thing onto a con that's existed for thousands of years and now you think that hooey is more important than your lives! You're being tricked!"

Ugh again. Anyway, what's getting to me right now is that Scientology actually earns respect for itself by being tagged as a religion.

I could go on and on. Guess I'm preaching to the choir here.

Ack! I used a religious metaphor!

Julie said...

I love my agnostic boyfriend.

Julie said...

About Big Love, nobody does "weird family" dramas like HBO. Big Love has the same appeal as the Sopranos--family in a totally alien (to most viewers) landscape of extended family.

But Big Love is losing steam in the second season, because there's no way to write around the religious craziness of everybody on the show. A show in which Mormons are the norming group--that's just nutso crazy pants. So all the characters are becoming less sympathetic, except the kids, who are struggling with wanting to have sex, wanting to date outside their faith, and all that stuff. So the show is almost becoming this tragedy about what happens to the poor kids.

I'm hoping the last episode involves a helicopter rescue of all the kids.

JohnnySweatpants said...

I just added Big Love Season 1 to my queue. Can't wait!

Check out the Hitch on Mother Teresa:,1583,Christopher-Hitchens-and-Bill-Donohue-on-Mother-Teresa,Hardball-with-Chris-Matthews

Julie said...

It's not cool that Hitchins didn't have any citations in his book. That's a little off.

But "An Englishman has to be quiet when an Irishman speaks?" What the eff? That Donahue dude was a moron. Why does he keep mentioning the measurements of the book? Whatta dope.

I just got God is Not Great on audible, so I'll be listening to that soon.