Friday, December 24, 2010


While cruising around town with Whirlygirl to pick up last minute Christmas gifts, we stumbled across this crazy 80s song by "Captain Sensible", which just might be the most ridiculous song I've ever heard. I like to believe that I'm familiar with all music to come out of the New Wave decade but every once in a while my 80s station surprises me. Whirly insisted that we check You Tube to see if a video exists and sure enough one does. Enjoy!

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Octopunk said...

I was going to snark about the shameless boosting of Blondie's Rapture going on here, but since it's a "rap parody"* I guess it's okay.

I totally want one of those pile driver things. To ride on.

* I actually looked up his Wikipedia page. My favorite part is how he formed a new British political party called the Blah! Party.