Thursday, October 19, 2006


(1961) ***

Four fun-loving teens on a tropical vacation take a dingy to a deserted island. Only it’s not actually deserted, it’s owned by an eccentric millionaire with a fondness for hunting. But this man is not satisfied by hunting mere animals, he in fact hunts – brace yourself – HUMANS! I’m a sucker for any and all movies based on A Most Dangerous Game. Surviving the Game? Hard Target? Yes please, got any more? If the Muppets or the Smurfs come up with their own version, you’d better believe I’ll be there.

Bloodlust is a laugh riot from beginning to end, mainly because a young Robert Reed plays Johnny, one of the poor saps getting hunted. He behaves exactly as you would expect a youthful Mr. Brady to behave – responsibly. After stumbling into the hilarious trophy room decorated with former victims, the hunter informs him that he and his friend are scheduled to suffer the same fate. Confronted with the truth that he is to be tracked down and killed like an animal, Johnny very sternly states “Fun’s fun Mr. Biloux. But if you think that we’re gonna be clay pigeons in your shooting gallery, then you’re just a little far out!” Even when he has a crossbow pointed squarely at him, Johnny lectures the man and points out the error of his ways.

Fun genuinely is fun, as is Bloodlust.

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Octopunk said...

Ha! This is another flick showcased on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I've seen this -- when they get to the trophy room, there's only two other previous kills in it. Riot.