Friday, May 30, 2008

Harrison Ford: "Yes" to Jack Ryan, "No" to Han Solo

This past weekend, Harrison Ford successfully brought back Indiana Jones, but there are other characters he would love to bring back as well. Unfortunately for "Star Wars" fans, he ruled out a revival of character Han Solo.

"Oh, Han Solo isn't interesting to me," Ford told The Sun. "It's a very narrow sort of utility in the story and it was great for my career and it was fun to play at the time but I wouldn't go back there again."

He went on to explain that he would bring back other characters if the story was good enough. "But there are characters that it seems to me are worth re-exploring given that the story advances your understanding of the character, deepens your relationship to that character, and takes you into an area that's new and unexpected," he said. "Some characters are decidedly one off kind of characters. I don’t think there would be any profit in making another John Book movie, which is the character from 'Witness.'"

He added that Jack Ryan, who Ford played in "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger," would also be worth bringing back. "The Ryan films, the Tom Clancy films were I thought worth re-exploring again but I wasn't a huge fan of the book on which the last one was based," Ford said of "The Sum of All Fears." "I thought it was more out of date than the others, so I think they made a cracking good shot at it and I think Ben Affleck is very very talented. I thought he did great and it was a fine movie but it wasn't for me. But again, that's a character that I think you could revisit acknowledging the passage of time and his increasing age."

"It wasn't age dependent, that character, and his experiences were chock full of recipes for good engaging movies," Ford continued. "So that's a character I wouldn't mind revisiting."

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Octopunk said...

Well jeez, does anyone really wanna see a retirement-age Han Solo anyway? Back in the day he could fly around asteroids, now he'd probably crush the mailbox backing the Millenium Falcon out of the driveway.