Thursday, May 29, 2008

House of Re-Animator delayed

From bloodydisgusting, While chatting with Director Stuart Gordon last week about his forthcoming hit-and-run thriller Stuck, SpookyDan discovered some disheartening news about the long-delayed RE-ANIMATOR sequels. Originally planned to be a brand new trilogy, it looks like the extension to the franchise won't be happening - or at least anytime soon. Read on for the skinny on House of Re-Animator, the adventure Herbert West won't be taking.

One of the most popular gore clicks of all-time is Stuart Gordon's RE-ANIMATOR, which has swamped numerous sequels. The next film on the slate was HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR, which would have pit Herbert West against the President of the United States. Gordon explains that the more he thought about the idea, the more it seemed a little dated.

“I wish I had good news on that but it doesn’t look like its going to happen," Gordon tells Bloody-Disgusting. "It’s Funny, I have been having second thoughts lately because I keep reading about Oliver Stone doing this movie about George W Bush, I kept thinking that its sort of old news if we do a movie about the Bush administration, by the time it comes out we will have a new president, and at that point, who cares? But maybe people are still intrigued at the bush administrations; its so audacious, maybe they will still be interested."


Octopunk said...

I'd still wanna see it, but yeah, the optimal launch window is past.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I can't think of any scenarios where I wouldn't watch a Re-Animator sequel.

- Re-Animator Meets Santa Claus?
- Re-Animator Variety Hour?
- Re-Animator Bible Workshop?

I'd watch and review them all in a hearbeat.

Octopunk said...

Agreed. There's really no situation that can't be made interesting by the attendance of one or more rampaging, furious corpses.