Thursday, May 29, 2008

Star Tours 2.0 Confirmed

From slachfilm, The rumors appear to be true afterall, Disney is giving Star Tours an overhaul. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull computer graphics artist Hayden Landis told CNet that he has moved onto “another nostalgia-oriented project – a redo of the Star Tours ride at Disneyland.”

I remember when the Star Tours ride first opened in 1987 (am I old?) they had a ABC Magical World of Disney special which focused on the attraction. I remember them promising at the time that the ride and film set-up would allow them to add new destinations , basically entirely new rides. And rumor had it that they would keep all the films in rotation on the various space crafts on the attraction. The flight information board utilized in the line area promises “forthcoming adventures to Hoth, Tatooine, and Dagobah” and displays the text “Soon Endor Won’t Be The End-All”. Twenty years have passed, and everything is pretty much the same as it was when the opened the attraction in 1987.

Last year Anthony Daniels, the actor who plays C3PO in the series, let it slip that he recorded some voice tracks for a new version of Star Tours. And since nothing ever came of it, people assumed that Daniels may have just recorded some updated voice tracks for the animatronic character in the pre-boarding sequence of the line. But with a new ride being worked on one must wonder how much of the old attraction will actually be changed. It is unknown if they will update the technology employed in the ride, although you would assume that they would. Digital displays could allow for a 3D experience. But what I’m worried about most is the story of the ride itself.

Supposedly at Star Wars Celebration III, George Lucas made mention of a Star Tours sequel which would be prequel-oriented. And early concept was supposedly based on the Pod Racer sequence in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, featuring a glasses-free 3-D High Definition screen and improved motion simulator. But until this day that has remained strictly a rumor. I’m not really interested in going to Naboo, Mos Espa, Coruscant or any of the locations from the prequel trilogy. I want to visit the locations and characters from the original trilogy. Plus its much more interesting with the Empire involved. Either way, I’m sure we won’t find out details on the new ride for a good while.


Octopunk said...

I got to go on Star Tours in April (we went on it twice) and last September. It rules the way it is. Rules.

You get to approach the Death Star trench and make that jarring transition so that you're flying down the Death Star trench, that shot that's in Star Wars a couple of times and you get to do it. All this while the robot pilot says exactly what you're thinking: "I've always wanted to do this!" That cannot be beat.

Maybe the ROTJ flight to the reactor chamber itself, but pod racing? Give me a break.

Anas Demens Purpurea said...

I like the old-schoolyness of that ride. Even waiting 45 mins in line between stinky fat ppl was worth that one. Once they change it, it will never be the same.