Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finish it Friday: And the winner is...

You know why I love this blog? You just never know what to expect and most times it's better than you could have imagined. I had several ideas in my own head of where this woods story might have gone. I can honestly tell you that none of them involved Urkel, Janis or a giant squirrel. Outstanding entries from the three of you who ventured down this trail, it's truly agonizing having to choose one winner.

Did I do that?

Chuck Naked gets the nails on a chalkboard prize for capturing all of Urkel's incredible annoyingness so vividly. Oh yes, it would be so satisfying to beat him to death and then toss his lifeless corpse over a cliff. Hilarious!

One of the coolest of the dead people I'd like to meet.

Anonythonner gets a peace sign and some beads for reviving the the coolest dead people I could ever hope to meet. Loved this ending.

He's not so tough now, is he

But the winning entry came from Mussina. This had me laughing the whole way through and Kenny Loggins just sealed the deal. Congrats Mussina now step up, reveal your true identity and claim your prize. Good luck next week.


anonythonner said...

Congratulations Mussina!

Chuck Naked said...

If that's not Handsome Stan's writing then I'll eat my cat.

Holla! said...

That picture of Urkel is really disturbing.

Congrats Mussina!

HandsomeStan said...

Like an idiot, I woke up realizing I should have spelled it "Messina," right? Kenny's sidekick? That's what living in close proximity to the Yankees will do for you.

I'm flattered and honored again; to be honest, I hadn't the slightest idea where the hell that story was going.

I still don't.

I was thematically inspired by JSP's Springsteen story a few weeks ago. There must be SOME way of explaining where all this crappy music comes from.

I really liked the other two stories, and I wish that I had never seen that picture of Urkel.

Thank you, Cat, and I'm feverishly trying to come up with something for Monday!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yes please remove that deeply disturbing Urkel pic Catfreeek, I'm begging you.

And Chuck Naked was none other than... (wait for it...) myself! Surprise everyone!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I was going to try and play it straight with this one and have the other person being a knife wielding maniac who wants only to watch me bleed.

Congrats Handsome Stan, by the way.

Anonythonner = AC?

AC said...

congratulations handsome stan, and good luck working up monday's beginning.

johnny sweatpants, you are correct, i was anonythonner. i hope you guessed right because
1. i almost always participate
or wiseass moniker or 3. the hippie content of the ending

cuz if you already recognize my writing then how can i ever post anonymously again?

Catfreeek said...

Thanks for participating I really loved all 3 story endings but I guess I had to go for the one that was most outlandish.

I'd also like to state that.
I hated the Urkel character enough from the commercials that I avoided the show like the plague. I'm proud of that.

HandsomeStan said...

And truth be told, everyone, MrsX was instrumental in coming up with the genesis for my overall direction. I had initially been going with the idea that the squirrel was actually Jesus in a squirrel costume, just biding his time in the woods until the Rapture. But that was going nowhere, and of course I didn't want to offend anybody :)

MrsX thought the whole thing reminded her of some Kenny Loggins lyrics regarding Christopher Robin walking through the woods. Plus, Kenny looks a little like Jesus. Hence, the story was finished.

And I hope to God that Urkel picture was Photoshopped.

On to Monday, fellow scribes!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I think we've spent enough time reading each other's writing on this blog that it's simple to identify the writer. In fact, even though Holla wrote 2 sentences I'm fairly certain it's the Brain. The anonymous thing is still fun though.

Thank you for updating that Urkel pic Catfreeek! Although I think I'm still gonna need some therapy before I can move on with my life.

Dana's Brain said...

Ha! That's funny JSP, and yes "Holla" is the Brain. And I think I want to be referred to as "The Brain" from now on!! LOL.