Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking News: HHD Results!!

How could I forget about the Scoutmaster!

The Simpsons proved to be a much more difficult haiku topic than I expected. It's hard to be funny or clever when the source material is famous for being funny and clever.

I came very close to going with one of JPX's Michael Jackson digs but I had to reward Octopunk's late night output. The winner:

Best episode ev
Sideshow Bob stars in Cape Fear
All those goddamn rakes

Even though Octopunk is gravely mistaken (the best episode ever is actually the one when Homer goes to space), I picked his haiku because the very phrase "best ________ ever", coined by Comic Book Guy well over a decade ago is a great example of the show's lasting power. Congratulations sir!


Octopunk said...

Well, knock me over with a rake! Thanks, herr Pants.

I agree about the difficulty finding a joke. Every time I thought of one I realized they pretty much already did it.

Good topic, though. Nothing wrong with a challenge.

JPX said...


Catfreeek said...

It was difficult, I kept drawing a blank so I gave up.

HandsomeStan said...

I thought it was a great topic choice, for the very challenging reasons JSP mentioned. My excuse is simply that I didn't get to sit down or even touch my computer for 14 hours yesterday. Such is the difference between Prep Days on a movie and Shooting Days.

Stuff I was going to cover: "Chimpan A to Chimpan Z," the monorail, Itchy & Scratchy Land, Prohibition, Guatemalan Insanity Peppers, and my personal favorite single line of the entire series: death comet headed for Springfield, Quimby in the Town Hall, "People, take it easy, it's true there's a comet headed for-" And one random guy stands up and screams "QUIT STALLING WHAT'S THE PLAN???"

I have no idea why, but I laugh at that anytime I think about it.

Wish I had more time. Dammit! (And you're all wrong. The best episode was Prohibition.)

And congrats Octo! I hope your offer of a guided tour is still good for Monday. I wanna see cool stuff!

AC said...

nice work octopunk!

and stan, i think you need to write those haikus....