Friday, October 18, 2013


(2013) *****

I had to give it five stars.  Sure, there's the usual moment that we have to expect in any American movie, where the inner conflict meets the outer conflict.  You know, the whole set up:  "I'm incomplete in some way," and the payoff: "I've conquered my inner demons through this experience."

I think I am particularly sensitive to this trope, having learned in film school that it must be present in all screenplays, or the audience will not be satisified.  But I find that when I'm in an audience, I feel almost relieved if the trope is removed (ala World War Z, which I'll get to after this).  But anyway, it's here in this movie, so expect a life affirming takeaway.  You've been warned.  As far as fulfillment of this requirement that a character must grow, they didn't do such a crap job in this flick.  And Sandra Bullock pulls it off, so in spite of my inner critic saying, "Oh Jesus, that had to throw that in there," I was kinda choked up.  'Cause my inner critic can't beat my inner softy.

Other than that, this movie is a lot of, "Oh, shit!  We in some big ass trouble now!" And then a whole bunch of super duper amazing special effects in space!

And that starts pretty much right away.

Oh, shit!  I'm stuck in space!

Also, I guess this is what it really means to be a movie star:  you can look sexy even a space suit that you are most likely peeing in.  Way to be, George Clooney.

Oh shit, I'm wetting myself.

But then Sandra Bullock goes the extra mile and gives us the best sexy lady in a tank top and short hair since Ripley.

Oh, shit, I'm gonna die in this thing, 
but I look hot.

My 3-D glasses were playing tricks on me (and I was post margarita), so I didn't get the full 3D experience, but I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to let you know:  there seem to be quite a few automatic pencils aboard spaceships.  And those things will fly right AT your face--do not think they won't.

Totes worth seeing in a theater.  Lots of space, lots of scary, some actual gore, and Sandra Bullock in her undies--it all adds up to a great time.


JPX said...

I completely agree with your review - I loved this movie and thought that it was the best 3D since Avatar. Everyone needs to see this in 3D! This is the ultimate predicament!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Ok, JPX already made it clear that he'd never forgive me if I didn't see this in 3D but this sealed the deal! Great unexpected review from you, Julie!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Just purchased tickets for tomorrow! This damn movie better deliver the goods.

Catfreeek said...

Sounds amazing, gotta do it at the IMAX I'm thinking

AC said...

i'll review this too, when i get a chance, but for now will plug the 3d experience as well.

Octopunk said...

"My inner critic can't beat my inner softy"

It's the key to our marriage, folks!