Monday, October 07, 2013

Silent Night

2012 **1/2

Malcolm McDowell stars in this campy Christmas slasher about a masked Santa on a killing spree. The film is a very a loose remake of the 1984 classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. The cops in a small town scramble to find a rampant serial killer, their only clue are the large bloody footprints left at each scene. They finally catch a break when a rolling video camera at an amateur porno shoot catches a glimpse of the rabid Santa. Trouble is the town is crawling with guys dressed as Santa since it’s Christmas Eve and the town festivities are in full swing.

There are two things that can make or break a slasher film:

1. The actually visual look of the slasher.

2. The creativity in which he/she/it kills.

Now when the slasher is Santa there isn’t a whole hell of a lot push when it comes to appearance. Still, I give this film kudos for the addition of a plastic mask, which made Santa just a little creepier. As for the deaths, well they certainly were entertaining. Like the nasty spoiled little girl who got filleted when she answered the door or the porn actress who took a scythe to the crotch and who wouldn’t love a topless hottie getting tossed into a wood chipper.

Then there is the death by antlers which I believe is a requirement for all Christmas slasher films. All in all, this has what it takes along with just enough dark humor to keep it light. The people who die are naughty and deserve what they have coming to them so there’s no need to feel guilty for enjoying each and every moment as Santa slices and dices his way through town. So go get yourself a tall glass of milk and a plate full of cookies, then sit back and enjoy.


DCD said...

This came out in 2012? I had it pegged for 80's slasher for sure. Sounds fun!

JPX said...

How in the world did this one slip by me? Direct-to-video? Having watched (most of) the original Silent Night, Deadly Night series (including the awful part 2 which included 45 minutes of the first movie - jerks!)I feel that I have an obligation to check this out!

Landshark said...

Any advice that begins with instructing me to get a glass of milk and a plateful of cookies is good advice. Nice review, sounds fun!

Octopunk said...

Oh my god! Another movie with a topless woman impaled on a set of antlers! I'm pretty sure that makes three!

AC said...

... but who's counting?

Backpacking Hawaii said...

I enjoyed this movie. One of the better low budget movies I have seen in awhile. Sort of mindless but entertaining. Good movie!