Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

(2013) ***

To begin with – forget everything you remember about Haunting in Connecticut 1. Okay, good. Other than similar words in the title, this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the other one.

Mama, Papa, and little girl rednecks (albeit surprisingly good-looking rednecks), move into the country, to a house that has nothing around it for miles, but still somehow has water, electricity, cable, and internet. The house hasn’t been lived in for over 30 years, we’re told, but for some reason there’s an old RV on the property, which the redneck aunt (also very good looking) decides to move into. The mom and aunt happen to have a “shining” type of ability, and while the aunt enjoys it, the mom takes medication to suppress it and tries in vain to convince her daughter that she doesn’t have it either, and all the ghosts are just her imagination. Eventually the family begins to learn as well that their home was used as a station on the underground railroad, and that some of the ghosts the little girl, mom, and aunt see may be tied to that.

Redneck Aunt

This movie isn’t good, but the ghosts, visions, jumps, etc. are almost non-stop throughout its 90-minute run time. Literally, this movie does not go more than 5 minutes before some other ghostly creepy something jumps out or screams or bleeds. This is kind of like The Expendables of the horror genre. There is nothing subtle here, just a barrage of ghastly sounds and images. Now, I kind of liked The Expendables, and I kind of like this too. The make-up and effects aren’t cheap. There is nothing original here, but there is plenty of it. Haunting in Connecticut 2 is to horror movies what an all you can eat Papa John’s pizza is to a pizza lover. Plenty of it, just not great quality.


Octopunk said...

I generally like the idea of family-oriented psychic powers AND taking drugs to suppress them, but I'm not so into movies with contradictory titles.

I mean, we're not just talking about a sequel that's unrelated to it's predecessor -- it's basically called Haunting in Connecticut, But Actually Not in Connecticut. Right? Is the house in Georgia or are the ghosts commuting?

JPX said...

Welcome back, Trevor!

You sold me, this sounds like cheap fun. I love that it's The Expendables of horror!

Now I want pizza.

Catfreeek said...

I like the comparison to Papa Johns pizza. Funny review.

@Octo when ghosts commute do they use some sort of ghostly public transit?

Trevor said...

The house is in Georgia, the ghosts are from Georgia. Basically, I think this title was shortened from, "Hey, remember the movie, Haunting in Connecticut? It was good, right? Well, this movie is really similar."

As if people didn't understand, "From the studio that brought you ........".

AC said...

sounds like a good choice for late in the thon when you just need to throw something on that doesn't work the brain at all.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Welcome back Trevor! Nice review.

DCD said...

I agree - this sounds like a fun little ride! Wherever it takes place!