Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Cabin in the Woods

2012 ****1/2

Oh yeah, baby! You can read Octo, Landshark and Crystal's reviews if you are looking for synopsis.  Although, in looking at the comments of those reviews is there any thonner who hasn't seen this movie?

I don't really come down one way or another on Wheedon - I actually haven't seen that much of his stuff. I kind of dig the final reveal but the Sigourney Weaver bit felt clunky to me. Maybe if it had been a less well-known actress that would have worked better.  As it was it was more of a "Hey, it's Sigorney Weaver!" then, "Oooh, it's the Director." type moment.

However that didn't detract from the fun! Smart, cool flick.  And the elevator scene!!! Love. I wish I had started with this movie instead of lame The Shrine. 


Landshark said...

Awesome! I watched this again over the summer when a friend (and fellow Firefly fan) was visiting. Just as fun the 2nd time.

Landshark said...

That poster kicks ass, btw. I think I want that for my office at school.

DCD said...

You have to check out the Cabin in the Woods Wiki page! I'm failing at the link thing so copy and paste:

That's where that image came from. Also, the pictures of the elevators!!

Catfreeek said...

Loved this film, so fun.

AC said...

yay, glad you liked it!

Octopunk said...

Rock! I was looking at stills from the elevator scene when was doing the Countdown posts. Love it.

I agree on the Sigourney Weaver thing. I thought I read a story recently about some nutty special effect that was going to be a huge part of the Director character, but I can't remember.