Friday, October 18, 2013

World War Z

(2013) *****

I'm just giving everything five stars today.  Why be chintsy?

Octo convinced me to stay awake and watch this, and I was mighty impressed.  You have your normal family, whose lives we know are going to be torn apart in about 20 minutes, but oh, wait--make it five minutes.  Because oh shit, everybody fucking RUN!

That's how this awesome film started.  Shortcut the character development folks.  Start the excitement.  Forget how the crisis began, and spare me the political or environmental commentary.  Give me just enough for a toe hold and I'm in.  Then give me some crazy ass zombies.  Shit yeah!

Also, there's no protracted character development for Brad Pitt, who starts as a reluctant badass and then becomes a full on committed badass.  Good enough for me.

This movie surprised me a few times.  It stays fast and amped up throughout, and people make decisions both good and bad at lightening speed.  It's edited fast, too.  There's no fat anywhere.  It just keeps moving.

The only drawback, which didn't cause me to notch it down a star, was that the fast pace had me asking annoying, grandmotherly questions like, "Why are they going there?  What did he say?" I caused Octo to have to rewind on a few occasions, but eventually I just gave up and went along for the ride.  Good decision.


Landshark said...

Yeah, this one was fun--K and I saw it on the big screen when it came out. That point-to-point navigation did get a bit silly though.

The book is also fun, though it shares only the title with the movie.

Catfreeek said...

Way to go Julie! Glad you enjoyed this, my rating would have been slightly less but I agree it was a good watch.

AC said...

3 cheers for crazy ass zombies!

Octopunk said...

I'm so glad my lady got her toes wet for Horrorthon this year, and that this is one we watched together (AWWW).

No fat, indeed.