Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Shrine

2010 **1/2

I like to try to find at least a couple movies that have not been reviewed before in the hopes that I'll find something really good to recommend.  I may need to rethink that strategy.

The movie opens with a 20-something kid being dragged by some robed guys onto an alter where he is promptly sacrificed in a grisly fashion.

Cut to pushy journalist Carmen, who just wants to make a name for herself, to the detriment of her relationship with her boyfriend Marcus and her boss. She tries to talk her boss into letting her go to Alvania, Poland to investigate the disappearance of several tourists but he refuses.

Of course Carmen decides to go to Poland anyway and manages to sweet-talk Marcus into joining her and her young intern Sara on the trip.  Carmen and Sara have visited the Mother of the 20-something we saw bite it in the beginning - he was an American backpacking across Europe.  During the visit Carmen receives permission to keep the kids journal in which he talks about the unfriendly townspeople of Alvania as well as an odd fog that seems to hover over the forest in the town.

The three get to Alvania and find both the unfriendly townspeople and the weird fog. When they go towards the forest the townies freak and chase them out of town.  Marcus wisely says they should just leave, but of course annoying Carmen admits that her boss doesn't know she's there and if she doesn't get her story her career will be finished. So naturally they sneak back into town to check it out which doesn't end well.

Most of the movie I spent yelling at the characters because of their stupidity and sub-par acting skills.  However, the whole fog thing and what it is hiding turned out to be kind of cool in the end so it garnered that last 1/2 star. If you don't have another option it's an easy pick on Netflix streaming.


Landshark said...

Again, a lame movie produces an excellent review! Almost makes me want to watch it just to join you in doubly mocking stupidity and acting!

Catfreeek said...

It drives me crazy when the characters are so dumb that I actually yell at them so I think I'll pass on this one, nice review.

AC said...

great review, but it doesn't exactly sound like biddy fodder! good for you.

Octopunk said...

Ahh, what's in the fog? Is it pirate ghosts?

Nice pick. I have to say Journalist is a pretty sucky job to have in a horror movie. They're always disappearing.

JPX said...

This is one of those films that I watched just because I liked the picture on the box! I completely agree with your review, it completely fell short in so many ways. Excellent review.