Sunday, October 06, 2013

Storage 24

2012 **1/2

After a military plane crashes in London causing the entire city to be forced to lock down, a small group of people are trapped in a storage facility with a murderous creature.

Meet the villain, he looked like the offspring of the Brundlefly and the Predator. Although the film itself resembled neither The Fly nor Predator. It did however seem to be a loosely based knock off of Alien to some degree. The film keeps a good pace and there is no shortage of creature shots, up close and personal.

My favorite character was David, the old dude who when confronted face to face with the creature compared it to his obviously overbearing and miserable wife. He proceeded to tell it off while it just stood there rolling it's exo-teeth-claw things and looking at him like he had six heads. Pretty fun watch altogether and what I would call a biddy friendly gore factor if any biddy should want to go for it.


AC said...

has that fun B-movie look to it!

DCD said...

B as in biddy? I crack myself up.

Octopunk said...

Clap. Clap. Clap.

(I'm making fun of DCD)

I love people who are defiant in the face of overwhelming force, too! Like that dude in the first Day of the Dead who screams "I hope you choke!" as they eat his innards.