Saturday, October 26, 2013

We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay)

 2010 ****1/2

When Papa dies unexpectedly Alfredo, being the eldest child, must take up the responsibilities of his father.  Alfredo combs the city nightly hunting for opportunities while unbeknownst to him a police investigator is watching his every move.

After JPX glowingly reviewed the 2013 We Are What We Are I intended to add it into my queue but found it was unavailable. I did however find this film of which the 2013 film is based. As I understand it, with the exception of the core plot premise the two films are very different right down to the setting. However, judging by JPX's review of the English speaking film and my viewing of the Mexican original I'd say that both films are a sure bet. I cannot wait to see the remake. A smart film with a solid plot and good acting.

Bitty Warning: pretty graphic and full of realistic gore.


Landshark said...

I don't remember JPX reviewing the other version, but I'm excited to check these two out. It's a great title for a horror movie.

JPX said...

What? It's 9 reviews below!

You beat me to the punch, Cat! I've been dying to see this ever since I reviewed the first one (9 reviews below). I'm curious to see how similar they are...

Octopunk said...

You guys reviewed nine horror movies? You must be out of horror movies by now!

Both versions sound pretty damn good, gonna have to slot them for next year.

DCD said...

I think the version JPX watched sounds more my cup of tea. I appreciate the Biddy Warning!