Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Haunted House (La maison ensorcelée)

Hey gang, sorry for interrupting Horrorthon but I wanted you all to check out this amazing 6-minute silent haunted house movie from 1908.  The FX including a lot of stop motion are very impressive.  Could this be the first "horror" movie?


Octopunk said...

Jeez, the whole "white people not leaving a house when it's obvious they should" goes back a long ways, doesn't it?

I was gonna say the scariest part was when we got a closeup on the makeup jobs of our three players, but then that guy showed up at the end.

Catfreeek said...

Excellent, the fx certainly were inmpressive.

AC said...

cool! and it's not an interruption, it's totally on point!