Thursday, October 31, 2013

World War Z

(2013) ****

This one has already been reviewed a few times this month, so I’ll be brief.

Plot: Zombies attack everyone, yo!

Pros: Them zombies are vicious, yo!

Cons: Whole story is a little too episodic, yo! I feel like the movie was trying to set up a prequel AND a sequel.

Final thought: Watch it! It alternates well between horror scenes and action scenes.

Postscript: Sorry for the “yo’s”. We’ve been watching a lot of Breaking Bad recently.


AC said...

yo we've been watching breaking bad too, yo, but are only on season two, yo, so no spoilers. it's great, though, yo.

Catfreeek said...


Octopunk said...

Loved that final season, bitch!

DCD said...

Yo - have not watched any of Breaking Bad. How does everyone have all this time for watching shit? I am clearly doing something wrong.

Anyway - still want to see this!