Thursday, July 02, 2009

Haiku Winner...Drumroll Please

First of all I must thanks Handsome Stan for without him there would have been no Haiku yesterday. Thanks again you addict.

The Handsome one incited visions of his childhood love for Star Wars with these gems:

Huge red lightsaber
Best toy of my childhood
And my brother's worst

AT-AT under tree
My eyes as big as the box
That toy kicked some ass

50PageMcGee reminded us of the lameness of shrinky dinks & a longing for Stretch Armstrong.

Let's do shrinky dinks!
Paint and put in the oven
Then the fun's over

Eight year-old logic
"I *will* still want Stretch Armstrong
When I'm in college"

Octopunk gave us a glimpse of the mystery goo inside the stretchy fella.

I knew this one kid
Who punctured his Stretch Armstrong
That kid was trouble

The red goo inside
Stuck to everything it touched
Truly Satan's snot

But the king of toys was bested by his own sister who not only reminded us that the Wish Book was like a golden treasure that came in the mail each year but reflected the annoying effect toys can have on a parent.

Oh, Sears Catalog!
Your crisp pages of new toys,
Like porno for kids.

Toys these days, Oy vay!
All the noise, noise, noise, noise, noise!
Oh shit, I'm the Grinch!

Congratulations Dana's Brain! Next week is in your hands.


Dana's Brain said...

Thanks, Cat!! Better get my thinking cap on...

Octopunk said...

Cat! What are you thinking? She's the Grinch!

Sigh. I actually knew it was all over when I saw that Grinch one.

HandsomeStan said...

Funny - I knew there was just no arguing with "porno for kids." Both here and in real life.

Congrats, Brain! And Happy Birthday, too! Hope you got some cool new toys!

Catfreeek said...

After reading the porno for kids one I actually felt kinda dirty for handing that book to my kids year after year. Great analogy Brain.

AC said...

congratulations brain! i fell for the porno haiku myself. perfect.

sorry to miss the humpday festivities, catfreeek. i checked all morning for topic, then assumed we were skipping a week in deference to the missing bros.

Catfreeek said...

Sorry AC, I almost missed another commitment this morning and ended up a half hour late. This summer slacking and constant rain are getting to me.