Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cold Prey


If you had asked me three years ago if I had ever watched Norwegian horror I would have looked at you sideways. Now after having two Horrorthons under my belt I can proudly say, “Yes I have! Along with French, German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian and all facets of Asia, just to name a few.” Horrorthon has certainly broadened my spectrum of horror as well as being able to assure folks that it is entirely possible to watch 110 films in one month. That said, this is my 81st review this season so forgive me if I wander off subject a little.

Enough about that, Cold Prey is a traditional slasher type flick that was obviously designed to mirror American slasher films. We start off seeing a young boy with a facial birthmark running for his life and being buried in the snow while newspaper clips reporting him missing flash by. Then we jump ahead like 30 years to five young people going on a skiing trip to a remote area in the mountains. Eirik and Jannicke are a couple, Mikael and Ingunn are a couple and like many American slasher flicks the odd man out is an annoying goober named Morten Tobias. Everyone is having fun snowboarding down the mountain until Morten falls and breaks his leg. They are too far from the car to make it back and see an old abandoned ski lodge close by so they decide to stay there. After Jannicke cleans and sets Morten's leg they decide to spend the night raiding the dusty old liquor cabinet and exploring the place. It's not too long before they discover they are not alone and the local resident is a murderous psychopath out for their blood.

As slasher flicks go, this one is just okay. What makes it a little better is the setting, the place is really cool and I have to say, unlike a scary old house or abandoned mental facility I totally would have been up for staying the night at that lodge. This was an old resort and was mysteriously left with a fully stocked bar and some canned food in the kitchen, a fireplace and your choice of rooms to sleep in, what's not to love. The film is very predictable though and I had a good grasp on the outcome way early in the film. Still, the deaths are good and the chases are tense making it a good watch for me. It's like taking a break from the hard core horror and watching a little light slashing in between.


Octopunk said...

You left out Swedish! Let the Right One In, yo!

I wonder if every Scandinavian horror movie is required by law to take place in the snow.

Catfreeek said...

I thought of that after and almost amended but then I would have to add Indian, Russian and Romanian as well. Probably more if I thought about it longer.