Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Wonder Woman’ Costume Gets a Slight Makeover After Unpopular Debut

From slashfilm, Don’t let this one go to your head, but think back a couple weeks to the debut of the costume for the new TV Wonder Woman from producer David E. Kelley. Then remember the widespread dismissal that ensued. Now take a look at the photos below. Seemingly in response to the utter disdain for the costume, changes have been made to the suit.

From the waist down it’s an all-new affair. More traditional red boots; the stars down the leg are more visible; and darker blue super-yoga pants instead of electric blue super-plastic ones. Definitely an improvement, but will it help the script, which also has been the target of derision?


DCD said...

I'm still not sold. Now she looks like she's wearing jeggings.

Anonymous said...

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