Friday, December 23, 2011

The 16 Worst Christmas Specials of All Time

#15 A Very Brady Christmas

From toplessrobot, Throughout the years, there have been an array of Yuletide-themed programs that have tried to make your December merry and bright. The sad truth is that for every smile that watching the Peanuts gang dance around in A Charlie Brown Christmas brings comes countless tears caused by inferior holiday programming. This time of year is difficult enough to slog through without having to also endure lame specials injecting a bit of extra bah into your humbug. But which of these shows are the televisual equivalents of misfit toys? Let's find out in this Scrooge of a list that reveals the 16 worst Christmas specials ever made. A word of advance warning though, just because some of these entries may feature characters you love doesn't make them any less fa-la-la-la-lame.

Full list here


Octopunk said...

I've only skimmed the list so far, but... they made a live aciton version of Year Without a Santa Claus??? What the hell?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I wish I caught this earlier! Next year I'm so watching the Pacman and ALF Christmas specials!