Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very Merry Horrorthony Christmas!

Since 1997 my mom and I have enjoyed the tradition of making our own Christmas stockings. She does killer embroidery work and I know enough basic stitches that I can add my own personal touches. One year I demanded mittens instead of the usual stocking foot; and the year after we made stockings in the shapes of vegetables (I was a tomato, my sister was a carrot, my dad was a bell pepper and my mom was a mushroom).

This year I was searching for something different. I knew without a doubt that JSP's felt stocking would feature Ace Frehley:

2011 KISSmas
But -- I had no idea what would go on mine. How can I encapsulate all of this year's happenings into one comprehensive "snapshot"? Once I thought about my involvement in Horrorthon this year and the pride I take in my writing *pats self on back* I knew what I had to do:

Zombies attacking the North Pole!
... that poor, out-of-place penguin. Every time I see the blood trickling out of its helpless mouth I can't help but giggle. Notice how the decapitated teddy bear adds a layer of terror to this priceless image.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

I love my Ace stocking and will treasure it forever!

Merry KISSmas everyone!

Catfreeek said...

Holy crap Crystal you are hard core! I friggin' love it!

Merry KISSmas indeed!

DCD said...

I hope everyone got to watch "Kiss Saves Santa"!

You do realize, Crystal, that now we ALL are gong to want in on the special stocking thing. Those are awesome!!

Merry Christmas, Thonners!

AC said...

fabulous, crystal math!

merry KISSmas y'all!

JPX said...


JSP, I think we need to commission Crystal to create an official Horrorthon XMAS sock to purchase in your Café Press store next year!