Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sinead O’Connor is getting divorced after less than a month: predictable?

From celebitchy, Poor Sinead O’Connor. She went off her bipolar meds (really she did and she admitted it, I’m not just saying that) and then went trolling on the Internet for a good lay. Once she found one that stuck around for more than a couple of weeks, she married the dude in Vegas and invited the paps. Sinead got married on her 45th birthday to a 38 year-old “addiction counselor” she’d known less than two months. The happy couple made it official at the Little White Wedding Chapel, arriving in a convertible pink Cadillac. The bride wore a strapless pink dress, and the groom a suit with a pink dress shirt. Their happiness is a distant memory now, as Barry and Sinead split up, probably around the holidays. She made the announcement on her website in a long letter that I found pretty interesting. Like she anticipated what people would say and she explained herself without going into too many details. Sinead and Barry didn’t even live together for a week.

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