Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New 'Hobbit' Production Diary Shows Off Locations, That Peter Jackson Got Fat Again

[via iwatchstuff]

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Jordan said...

I went nuts with all of these diaries the minute I got back to NYC (and my fast internet connection). Yeah, it all looks great. Go back and watch the one about the 3d technology they're using; it's really cool (especially the part about how they've amped up the on-set colors so that Mirkwood looks like a psychedelic 1967 painting).

My niggling problem is that Weaving, Blanchett, Wood, Holm, and McKellan all look noticeably ten years older, when it's supposed to be either the same timeframe as Lord of the Rings (you can see Bilbo's party sign in the trailer) or sixty years previous (which means that Elrond, Galadrial etc. need to look exactly the same at the very least). Hopefully Jackson can photograph them carefully enough that you can't tell (although the trailer does show a few years on Gandalf, Galadriel etc.)