Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prometheus theatrical trailer looks incredible


Jordan said...


JPX said...

Once again I"m in disbelief that people aren't watching this trailer!

Octopunk said...

Okay, WOW. That looks freaking amazing. And it kind of looks like the antidote to Avatar, in a way I can't get into right now because it's four a.m.

I liked Avatar and all, but I get the feeling Scott's not such a CG freak the way Cameron is.

I'm officially psyched.

Jordan said...

As everyone here knows, I hated Avatar (I started by hating it when I saw the 3D IMAX version, and then after some consideration and discussion with its fans here on Horrorthon and elsewhere, I realized that I still hated it, and then, months later I rented the DVD and watched it, and hated it so much I couldn't get through it, and, finally, this year I rented the Blu-ray, and hated it).

Alien is one of my favorite movies, and when Aliens came out I (surprise) hated it. I now grudgingly admire it for what it is, but it's still a net negative.

What am I getting at? Ridley Scott took movie Sci-Fi and added something to it that nobody before or since has been able to reproduce. (The only other people to do this were George Melies and Stanley Kubrick). Scott is as important to movie sci-fi as Hemingway is to American Fiction, and, as with Hemingway, a million pretenders have come out of the woodwork attempting to do what Scott did and none of them even come close. (Except maybe David Fincher in Alien3, but the movie is so messed up for other reasons that it does t really count). Cameron manages somehow to fool people into thinking he's capable of doing the Scott thing (Aliens, Avatar) but the results are as off the mark as (say) Updike trying to do Hemingway. Even excellent current sci-fi like Sunshine or Solaris has Cameron disease, with all these fucking diagonal grids everywhere and worried looking actors mouthing silly jargon. It never hits the spot. There's Kubrick and then Scott and that's it.

(I should mention that I love Camerons two Terminator movies...that's much more his speed. It's a comic-book action-movie sensibility, with blue an orange light and smoke and sweaty arm muscles and taglines and pieces of metal clanging into each other on the soundtrack.

So, obviously, to me this looks like (finally) a return to "real" space movie art, by the only person except Kubrick who can actually do it.