Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer In Detail: 5 Things We Learned

[via cinemablend]

#5 Somebody else is driving the Batmobile.

This is a simple one-- if Batman is driving the hovering Batwing, who is driving the camouflaged Batmobile? Batman canon says it could be anyone from Catwoman to Robin to Alfred, but the possibilities truly seem endless-- Nolan has always been far less interested in what Batman canon allows than it what makes narrative sense. A lot of people want to assume this means Catwoman will team up with the Bat, or that Robin will somehow be introduced, but doesn't logic suggest that Commissioner Gordon could easily be the guy behind the wheel?

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Jordan said...

This reminds me of that bullshit from the TV show where Batman would make Alfred dress up in a Batman costume and, like, wave from a window or something (in order to maintain the fiction that Bruce Wayne was a separate person). This doddering old guy with a moustache... That fucking show did more to ruin comics than any other single element.

JPX said...

That's so true! Although, to be fair, Alfred pulled that kind of crap in the early Detective Comics. I'm assuming that the Batmobile was stolen and Batman is chasing the villain.

Jordan said...

Yeah, but the early Detective Comics were, like, from the fucking 1930s when they were first inventing the entire idea of "superheroes." (And anything Bob Kane drew was looked so beautiful that it didn't matter how silly it was.)

Octopunk said...

Remote. Control.

Octopunk said...

Man, I just watched the trailer again. I'd be a fan of sports if the field blew up like that every game.

But dang if I didn't get the national anthem stuck in my head. One of the worst songs ever, tied with the Happy Birthday song and the music for All Things Considered on NPR.

Jordan said...

Really? I LOVE the National Anthem. I love how it gets used in movies (even in the beginning of Poltergeist over the "going off the air" TV bumper at the beginning. I love that impossible high note. I'm not saying it's a great piece of music or anything, or that I love the patriotism, or that I like it "ironically" (although maybe it's a combination of all three).

On the morning after 9/11, Queen Elizabeth ordered the Royal Guard Band (or whatever), who usually play "God Save the Queen," to play "The Star Spangled Banner" instead -- "A stunning first," said the New York Times. Yeah.

Octopunk said...

"Not a great piece of music" covers my feelings about it.

I saw the Batman footage last night and it's clear there are multiple tumblers, so I assume the cops or the bad guys start using them.