Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Dentist

(1996) **1/2

The Dentist is a direct-to-video B-movie that I remembered enjoying several years ago.  Corbin Bernsen (name sounds familiar but I don't care enough to research) plays a dentist with an unhealthy obsession with the concept of decay.   Dr. Feinstone constantly likens rotting teeth to both his troubled marriage and the world at large.   His descent to madness is expedited when he discovers that his wife is having a sexy affair with their gardener.  Feinstone exacts revenge using every scary tool at his disposal.   After he viciously takes care of his wife (below) and her lover, he turns his attention toward his poor, trusting patients.   

A combination of factors almost makes this movie work.   Horror-wise, it couldn't fail.  Who doesn't have a natural fear of dentists?  They certainly exploit this and make damn sure you hear all of the crunchy, drilly, grindy, twisty sounds that go on inside the victims' mouths.   When Dr. Feinstone plucks teeth, it's as horrifying as your worst nightmare.  One poor suck actually attempts to blackmail him into free expensive surgery – terrible idea.   Sadly, the movie eventually spirals out of control and degenerates into standard B-movie swill.   The last half hour consists of the dentist running around like a stereotypical bad-acting maniac.

But there is a sequel...


Octopunk said...

The toothless wife looks like Hilary Swank.

JPX said...

The toothless wife looks like a blow-up doll!