Friday, February 27, 2009

Finish it Monday Take 2

Well I've been obsessing over the decision, but want to keep my promise so here goes. Every entry was memorable and more than worthy. We have been introduced to characters and images that have burned their way inexorably into my psyche: Bacon Man, introduced amidst the scent of low quality pork burritos, Handsome Stan in full regalia atride a giant spider, "crazy cat lady" man and the human flame-thrower, and who could ever forget the deviant, devious twins Maryann and Shotgun? Lines and scenes from each story ending keep running through my head and making me chuckle, and I think I have a slight crush on Clarence Bottoms (don't tell Mr.AC).

After several scrupulous re-readings of each story ending, however, I have no choice but to hand the award... and the heavy responsibility of next week's labor and decision... to our esteemed Octopunk. His entry satisfied on every level: beautifully written, cameos all 'round, strong visuals, many laughs, blood, gore, and pie fights. Best of all, Octo comprehensively answered the question of what movie topics make nerds happy. Congratulations Octo!


Catfreeek said...

So glad you picked Octo's story, he just nailed it. I loved Bacon Man, he is very close to my heart AC but I'll gladly share him with you ;) Whirly also spun a fabulous tale, she never disappoints. So congrats to all who participated and a special thanks to Octo for making me spew water from my nose.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

AC stands for "Ass Crack".

Octopunk said...

JSP stands for "Johnny Stupid Pants."

Thanks AC! And thanks to all my zombie-lovin' Horrorthon brethren for the inspiration and feedback. I have an idea or two for next week, and maybe a way to make this contest more accessible to the time-pressed and/or shy.

Thanks again! To all of you.