Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LOTR Haiku Hump Day Winner!

I must admit I don’t like picking a winner because I actually really enjoyed reading all of them today. I want to list all my favorites but I’ll try to just mention a few that tickled my funnybone or seemed to really stand out to me.

Ok first honorable mentions:

Nice tie into last weeks hump day with some Star Trek Lore paying homage to Tolkien from JPX

Spock sang about him
"Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"
So embarrassing

And Landsharks mix of modern terms and wit with "epic achievement" and "leaden prose". Very nice.

Epic achievement:
History, geography, lore,
But some leaden prose!

Stan you were on fire today and had some great ones

this one cracked me up because of the huge eye.

Did Sauron ever
Get anything in his Eye?
Mordor is dusty

This one because it’s just funny

Ring makes you vanish
And turn into an asshole
What's great about that?

And finally these two.

And now to Sauron
With Mordor AccuWeather:
"It's hot and evil."

Monstrous elephants
How'd they NOT win that battle?
Oh, right - ghost pirates!

AC this one was great because I totally agree. It almost ruined the ROTK end for me.

liked all three movies
though i could have done without
the bed-hopping scene.

Cat this one cracked me up because it was funny and so true

My personal hell
Film won't end, I gotta pee
Frodo you bastard!

And Stans girlfriends late entry

Lord of the Rings, eh?
I think I slept through it once
Midgets and stuff, right?

Hey I wasn't that into Star Wars or Star Trek but that shouldn't prevent some honorable haiku fun and that was good stuff. Please tell her great job Stan. :) The first 2 lines were so so but the 3rd line had punch and tied it all up nicely.

My 3 favorites of the day were,

Stan with:

Nice crystal ball there
No, it's called a "Palantir."
Yeah, nice crystal ball

So funny Stan, this is so good because it’s simple and it conjures a picture for me of someone who wouldn’t be into the LOTR talking to someone who is.

And Chris out of no where with:

"Inflamed bearded dwarf"
The noble Gimli defined.
Describes my junk, too.

Other kids played sports.
I read epic fantasy.
No pussy for me.

I thought these were both great. I think I would give the edge to the first one for the awful picture you paint and the mix of self deprivation. Good stuff.

After going back and forth I can’t decide so I’m giving it to HandsomeStan for the beauty and simplicity of catching the spirit of a LOTR geek in such a funny way. Honestly Stan there were a couple others in there that I thought could have taken it too but I had to go with one. :)

Grats and I really enjoyed all your hyperbole on the series especially your LOTR day you did at home. I pictured you in that scene from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, standing there in your bathrobe with a cane shouting “you shall not pass” at the tv. :p

Oh and props to you Cat for being such a huge fan that you have the Tolkien Bestiary. Nice.

Enjoy picking next weeks topic and winner.


JPX said...

Congrats, handsomestan, you've done it again! I wish I could have participated but I really don't know anything about LOTR. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next week, stan =)

Nice work, nowandzen, and nice wrap-up!

Catfreeek said...

Congrats to you once again HS :)

AC said...

i'm glad handsome stan won, not only for his hilarious haikus, but also to honor his nerdy feat of immersion in the tolkien canon.

HandsomeStan said...

I must say, I'm deeply honored, and I must confess to my heart skipping a beat when I saw the topic. It was a Perfect Storm of plenty of (rare) downtime and an almost perverse knowledge of the subject.

nowandzen, thank you for your kind words, and I must echo your choices for honorable mention - I agree wholeheartedly with them all. I might add that Chris seems to be the natural poet here, and really puts deep thought into the overall imagery he's creating. And he's not above a good dick joke, either. The Gimli one is absolutely HILARIOUS.

And AC, I'm so glad you got the bed-hopping in there. I wrestled with "Hobbits hugging" for hours.

The phrase, not the Hobbits.

I think we might finally be out of nerdy topics I know about, so that kind of barrage on my part may not ever happen again. Rest assured I am already deeply in thought over a worthy topic for next week.

Well done, Haikuthonners!

(Perhaps I can come up with something JSP actually deems worthy of seventeen of his syllables...yes, I went there.)

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yeah I feel deeply ashamed of my complete and utter lack of participation yesterday. Sorry Nowandzen! I kept saying "I'll write one a little later, I'll write one a little later" and then it was midnight.

Nice work Handsome Stan. You killed this week.

nowandzen said...

You're welcome Stan, I enjoyed it, you were droppin' some serious rhyme. :) Looks like I hit the creative mother lode with you on that topic. :)

I tried to throw out something that would have more broad appeal but the funny thing is the LOTR topic seemed a little polarizing. There were those that are way into it and those who were way out. I had thought about using Blade Runner or Watchmen but thought they might be a little too one off.

I did enjoy the comment that someone couldn't get past the hairy feet. :p

Johnny, I was waiting for you to drop some serious knowledge but it just wasn't in the cards. The topic just didn't pull it out of you like normal, no biggie. I am sure Stan will stir us up next week with some good stuff.

HandsomeStan said...

No pressure :)

I agonized over "Ninjas" for days...

AC said...

i can't imagine there are endless topics with comprehensive appeal. if we keep haiku hump day going, and i hope we do, there are gonna be some days it's all about a couple of crazed fanatics duking it out. i for one am happy to sometimes sit out a wednesday and watch the true believers do haiku battle.

AC said...

that said, if i ever win again, i have identified a topic i just know everyone will have something to say about....

Chris said...

Congrats Stan! What a showing. Your quantity was prolific and your quality was peerless. It's an honor to be the Sam to your Frodo on this one. :)

Nice summary Zen.