Thursday, March 05, 2009

Haiku's Tallied and the Winner is....

First the honorable mentions, everyone was on their game yesterday. Great haiku day, you all made my decision very difficult.

JPX said...

Which one would you do?
Come on, you know that you would
It's Rose all the way

Rudy, cute as pie
But then got her period
That was the last straw

Full House; awful cast
A very successful show
Masses are asses

I met Mork from Ork
He was manic, but friendly
He had bad B.O.

Octo's doppelganger rant:

Octopunk said...

Hey it's still Wednesday
I wanna get in on this
A-hem. A-hem-HEM

Speaking of Dolenz
'Member the episode where
He had a double?

How 'bout Gilligan?
His double was Soviet
Had tiny death ray

Mr. Howell, too
Met his own doppelganger
Spending his money

Good grief, Ginger too?
Sheesh! What are the freakin' odds
Of writers this bad?

Chris said...

Oh, Eddie Haskell.
Your epic douchebag-ery
Always chaps June's ass.

How many teen boys
Have a best friend named Boner?
Only all of them.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Horrorthon legend
Vincent Price lost all street cred
In the tiki caves...

The Facts of Life? Pfft.
Take the good and take the bad
Then you have – crap show.

HandsomeStan said...

Webster or Arnold?
There's a fight I'd like to see.
'Swhat I'M talkin' bout.

Was Mama's Family
Any different than Hee Haw?
Same show for retards

This totally cracked me up:

AC said...

mention this ever
and i'll kill you dead: one year
i crushed on potsie. :(

AC, did you call him Dren(Nerd backwards) like Joanie did when she had a crush on him?

50PageMcGee said...

Mary Ann? Get real
Ginger was just as nice. PLUS:
Used: Better Lover

This one held a very close second place:

miko564 said...

Mr Kotter, hah!
Would have been dead in seconds,
In a real ghetto

But in the end I had to go with this one:

Dana's Brain said...

What if Bill Cosby
Was your Dad? Would those faces
Drive you to punch him?

Congratulations Dana's Brain, it's all you next week.


nowandzen said...

Congrats Dana and nice write up Cat. Sorry I wasn't able to get in on the fun yesterday. I threw a couple lame ones in this am which I will pelt you with here. :D

Ginger Mary Anne
Damaged red head or cute hick
I say why not both

Here's hope a chance off
Wrong way feldman constantly
Stuck it to them hard

AC said...

heh heh. classic writeup cat! congratulations dana!

excellent topic, one that could easily be revisited in future jpx.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Congratulations Brain!

Welcome to my shitlist Catfreeek. I believe you already know Handsome Stan and JPX?

I thought Chris's boner haiku should have taken it. Some of my other favorites this week:


mr ac sez:
fantasy island must be
mentioned. now it is.


Remember Bobby
Locking Sam in the freezer?
He died shivering

(Handsome Stan)

Urkel, oh Urkel
Stole the show from Die Hard cop
Yes, you DID do that

Bailiffs kept dying
First two very old ladies
Then the black woman

Not to mention the thorough skewering of the Full House cast.

miko564 said...

Congrats DCD! Thanks for the HM Cat, great write-up.

I wonder if we should warn those that JSP works with, that we are just feeding his "Postal Rage" each week?

Catfreeek said...

Gee JSP your shit list is growing fast :D

Dana's Brain said...

Oh My god!! No WAY! Thanks so much Cat, I am deeply honored!

Shit - this means I have to come up with something for next week. Eek!

Chris said...

Dana, great job! This is just too much fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next week. . .