Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Family Guy" Enters the World of Disney

From worstpreviews, Now that Disney is working on finalizing the deal to acquire Marvel, fans are wondering if this will change the look and tone of the famous superhero movies. While it will take some time before we see Disney's influence on "Spider-Man," you can now see what "Family Guy" would look like if it was developed by the studio.

During the premiere of the show on Sunday, "Family Guy" imagined what it would be like if the characters were all transported into the wonderful world of Disney. Everyone became much happier and there was enough pie for everyone, but is this the perfect world for Brian and Stewie? Watch the video below to find out.

In other "Family Guy" news, Venezuelan authorities plan to impose fines on cable television companies that refuse to stop airing the show, mostly because the government believes that it promotes the use of marijuana. President Hugo Chaves is instead preparing to force cable providers to air his frequent speeches and propaganda.


Catfreeek said...

Tony & I watched this episode when it aired (great job Octo btw) and both thought Disney Peter's chin looked even more like testicles than regular Peter. Really funny episode.

Octopunk said...

I thought the Disney part was great! The Family Guy people who showed up at our studio to see the Robot Chicken set told us they'd just been to Disney to check on the new character designs, but I have to say it exceeded my expectations.

Jordan said...

Wait...did Disney actually do that?

JPX said...

I seriously doubt it. Disney is notoriously protective of the Disney image and something like this would never fly. Also, the video posted cuts off but on the full episode they make a joke about Walt Disney and anti-Semitism.

Jordan said...

No, I didn't think so's impossible. But then what the hell is octo saying about how the Family Guy people had "just been to Disney" to check on the character designs?

That's what I don't get. How can I be misunderstanding "just been to Disney"? "Disney" means "Disney," right?

Octopunk said...

You guys are right. I just checked with the Screen Novelties guys and nobody officially Disney did any of it. The supposition is that some people who have worked for Disney before were in on the character design and animation, but no, nobody in the Disney compound approved flying, bloody Jew teeth.

The cool news is that I frame-advanced the FG ep to see if there were any clues there, and my name is in the credits! I'm in the credits of Family Guy! Haw!

That doesn't always happen. My work is all over a couple of Cartoon Network shows and the only credit given is to Screen Novelties.

JPX said...

Frame grab, frame grab!

Jordan said...

In a text conversation with octo, I said:

I loved the way Stewie's machine gave off a "Wallace & Gromit" -style stop-motion version of it's yellow zap effect during the Robot Chicken segment.

The Disney segment was the highlight of the show (and its ending was perfect). I love the idea that entering the Disney world, you would become a Disney character version of yourself and suddenly be in this great happy mood. It's the total opposite of the Roger Rabbit logic, where you bring your cartoon physics and other characteristics with you.