Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Man Sought By Police For Sniffing Butts In Supermarket

From huffingtonpost, According to The Daily Telegraph, there's a man in the UK going around sniffing people's behinds. He trolls the supermarket, looking for candidates (or "victims") while they shop. Then, when they reach for the peanut butter, he casually drops down for a sniff and continues on his way.

Police are currently on the hunt for this deviant, but while there is surveillance footage of the man, his identity is unknown. The only description available is that he's "white, clean-shaven, and of medium to large build." Perhaps they should add that his height varies, depending on the height of the butt he's sniffing.

[JPX] Credit goes to JSP for discovering this gem!


Catfreeek said...

That is so friggin' funny.

Octopunk said...

Maybe he's just alienated because he lives in a world of people with glowing, featureless white circles for heads.

Here's what's weird: it seems like he's sniffing the same guy's butt several times, and that guy works in the store, and the sniffer visits on different days (or at least changes shirts). And I can't believe the sniffee doesn't notice! The sniffer has mad skills.

It Builds Character. said...

Is it weird that now I'm in the mood for a pbj?

JPX said...

That is a little weird.