Sunday, December 27, 2009

Your Complete Guide to Saving Movie Theater Seats

From Defamer: "I'm laying down some ground rules about movie theater seat saving, because I'm sick of having the film ruined by you assholes...If you can not follow them, then you have to sit in the aisle or wait for everything to come out on DVD and leave the theater for civilized folk."

The rules (click here for full text explaining each item):

The party for whom the seat is saved must be in the theater.
A seat with a coat or bag on it is taken.
The only acceptable place to go is to get popcorn or use the toilet.
You can only save one seat at a time.
No, I will not move over.
No, I will not watch your stuff.
Don't ask me if a seat is free.
When the previews start, any save is voided.

Again, read the complete list (recommended).


JPX said...

In the past I’ve been super obsessed about being the first person to enter a theater when a “big” movie opens (e.g., all the Star Wars prequels). I’ve been known to arrive 2-3 hours early in order to plop myself at the front of the line. I love sitting in the center with the railing in front of me so I can put my feet up and I always loved being able to say that I saw a big film the moment it opened.

The downside is that over the years people took it for granted that I would do this and at times I would find myself “saving” multiple seats. My anxiety and annoyance would mount when my friends took their time getting to the theater knowing that I was saving their seats. There is NOTHING I hate more than saving seats. I hate having to inform strangers that “these seats are taken”, especially when the rest of my party are no where to be seen. This hasn’t been a problem more recently.

Truth is, I rarely go to the old multiplex anymore. I can’t deal with the crowds nor teens texting. I much prefer to watch movies at home or at the Cinema Pub, where I can sit at a table in a roomful of adults and not have to deal with the nonsense. I no longer feel that drive to be the “first” person to see a big movie. I still haven’t seen a lot of the summer movies. Terminator Salvation, what’s that? The last two Harry Potter films, mmm, not yet. Some day I’ll get to them.

Catfreeek said...

I hear that JPX I loath saving seats. It is very stressful and I get really annoyed with the people I'm saving the seat for. I have yet to go to the Cinema pub but after hearing how much you and JSP both love it I have put it on our immediate things to do list.