Friday, June 26, 2009

Beat this, Burger King!

From EW, yesterday, Burger King stunned us all with its overtly phallic advertisement for its new Super Seven Incher sandwich. And just when you thought the bar was set too high (or low?) for any other fast food chain to hurl itself over the top, Hardee's strikes back with this:

See the ad here

Yes, you heard/saw right: The trash food chain is now shilling Biscuit Holes. Or, as the people in the spot renamed the new product at the behest of an annoying host: "creamy sweet holes," "hole munchers," and "dingle balls," among many other names. Because, as the ad says, "They sound wrong. But taste so right." That's seriously doubtful. Am I really supposed to be enticed to buy Biscuit Holes simply because they have a disgusting name? Honestly, I found yesterday's Burger King ad revolting in, as I said yesterday, an "I-love-trash kind of way." Maybe it's just that I've now hit my boiling point with such rubbish, but I'm over finding delight in garbage like this.

What do you think? Are Hardee's Biscuit Holes disgusting -- or hilarious? Has advertising hit a new low?

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Octopunk said...

The central joke that they are somehow "stuck" with the weird name is crap, of course. "Holes" shouldn't even enter into it, since biscuits aren't donuts and have no holes.

"Balls" is a little harder to shake. I guess we have South Park to thank for that one.