Thursday, June 25, 2009

Japanese Toilet Training For Kids


Octopunk said...

Ho-lee mackerel. Just... wow. Have you watched this?

On one hand I want to hand it to the Japanese for just taking on the issue so candidly and directly. Animated happy turd? Sure!

On the other hand I think it would be okay if the Earth's gravity selectively failed and the entire country was ejected into space.

Catfreeek said...

There's a whole series of them Octo, only the Japanese, lol.

Julie said...

He said, "Poop kun, bye bye!"

You know how they say "San" for a term of respect? Like, "Hajimemashite, Honda-San." (Hello, Mr. Honda.)

"Kun" and "Chan" are terms of familiarity for kids. So if you have a little kid, you call him "Zack kun." Kun is for boys and Chan is for girls.

But you also use those terms for your buddies. Like I could call Jeff "Jeff-kun." And he would call me "Ju-chan." My kids that I taught in Japan sometimes called me Ju-chan as a joke.

Anyway, he's saying a very fond, familiar, cutesy goodbye to that poop.