Sunday, May 30, 2010

Large Crane Is Large, Lifts Korean Warship

From geekology, There are cranes, and then there are CRANES. This is one of the all capital ones.

This warship is the [South Korean] Cheonan, which has an interesting history. The 1,200-ton vessel was split into two after being struck by a North Korean torpedo. It sank into the Yellow Sea on the March 26th, 2010. 46 of the 104 members of the crew perished.

The rear section of the warship was recovered recently, on April 15th. The bow, which is pictured above, was lifted out of the water on April 24th

Hello, South Korea? This is the GW. I know it's the third time in a month, but I was wondering if maybe I could borrow your crane for a little. My penis is on the floor again.

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Octopunk said...

The second picture sort of takes the mystery out of it, but that first picture is amazing, it looks like it just shouldn't be. It's hard to believe there are chains that big.

Suddenly I'm wondering if we've been fooled by photoshop. Anyway, it's cool.