Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michael Bay Says Megan Fox Was Pale and Underweight for "Transformers 3"

From worstpreviews, Megan Fox recently stated that she quit "Transformers 3" after director Michael Bay was verbally abusive toward her. It now turns out that tensions started when Fox arrived on set of the third film looking pale, underweight and unhealthy (according to Bay).

The director expressed his displeasure and gave the actress two weeks to go from size 0 to size 2 or 4. He was hoping that Fox would have the same curves she had in the last two installments.

Fox didn't feel like tanning or gaining weight, so she left the production and is now being replaced by a British model Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who has no prior acting experience. She is, however, recommended by Steven Spielberg.

The Wrap got in touch with Fox's people, who said the following about the situation: "We disagree with the assessment about her weight. She looks healthy and happy."

It turns out that even if Fox didn't quit, she probably would have been fired anyway. Shia LaBeouf, meanwhile, is not happy that his co-star is being replaced.


Octopunk said...

Anyone else seeing a the top of a Lilo-style spiral here?

I just watched the second Transformers movie a week ago and I can't say enough bad things about everyone involved.

HandsomeStan said...

And 3 is shaping up to run the Jedi-Revolutions-Spiderman/X-Men 3 Train Wreck Playbook to a T.

Can no one learn from Return of the King?

Octopunk said...

Aw, I like Matrix: Revolutions. The Matrix sequels get no love.

Jordan said...

No, the truce is the right move. It's the ballsy move. It's the resolution of the conflict as laid out in The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance.

Jordan said...

And I, too, really like Matrix Revolutions. It's got superficial problems.