Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HHD 'Zults!

What a fragrant bouquet of haikus this topic generated! Even without JPX’s input (can you believe that asshole?), there was much inspiration and hilarity passing through everyone's systems. The contenders!

My first bellyache of the day came from Octopunk:

My own inside joke
When I fart in Zack's presence
I say "that was you."

Fiendishly clever!

From Stan:

God, Adam: "Pull my finger."
The art of the fart

Very classy.

From 50P:
divvy up offense
everyone gets a small whiff
it's called "crop dusting"

From The Brain:

Let 'em loose, I say!
Let's all light 'em up and have
a fart bonfire!

Excellent idea.

And finally from Catfreeek:

I make falafels
Tony loves them but later
they make fart-awfuls

Catfreeek’s flatulant wordplay was in the perfect spirit of the topic and therefore – she wins! Congrats Fartfreeek!

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