Tuesday, October 30, 2007


(2004) ***

Two sewer workers discover a new tunnel has opened up underground London. They investigate, with gruesome results. Something violent is lurking down there.

Cut to our protagonist, Kate (Franka Potente), a party girl hoping to hang out with George Clooney that night. Having a hard time catching a cab, she ends up in the Tube. Waiting for the last train she falls asleep (don't the Brits have Red Bull?). When she wakes up, she discovers she is locked in the underground. Irritating to be sure, but it gets a lot worse as the night progresses and she meets a variety of underground dwellers, including the eponymous creep.

This was a solid medium horror flick. Medium acting, medium gore/disturbingness, medium scares, medium dread. The friend who lent it to me found it more frightening because the premise is somewhat more realistic than the usual horror movie. Kate's character is not particularly likeable, which worked in the movie's favor for me- again, a hair more realistic than the usual. Creep is a solid effort, but not much more than that.

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