Monday, October 29, 2007

The Driller Killer

(1979) **

It’s not easy for a struggling artist in New York City to pay the bills, particularly when you have two girlfriends to support. But if anyone can do it, Jonathan can. He has the raw talent, the drive and the mental illness that most artists can only dream of. Things go sour when a rock band moves their gear into the loft next door, rocking out till the wee hours of the morn. What the band lacks in talent (everything), they make up for with attitude and funny outfits. They rehearse their punk take on Peter Gunn one too many times, sending Jonathan over the edge. He embarks on a hobo killing spree using a hand held power drill.

The Driller Killer is ultimately a pretentious New York art school film that searches for a point that may not exist. Or maybe that’s the point, man! Jonathan is a believable character seething with rage at life’s injustices. He’s played equal parts Vinnie Bobarino and young Bob Dylan. The film occasionally evokes some emotions by frequently aiming the camera on the homeless people, of whom Jonathan is always one rent check away from joining. The shitty music that keeps shitting along throughout eventually sinks the movie. Add the worst ending of all time to it and you’ll walk away feeling rubbed the wrong way. Still, it goes down swinging.


JPX said...

"He’s played equal parts Vinnie Bobarino and young Bob Dylan."

Best line of the week and it's only Monday!

AC said...

the worst ending of all time? i'm intrigued!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Maybe not the worst but it pissed me the hell off...



So one of his girlfriends, the only semi-likeable character in the movie has had enough of his crap (she doesn't even know he's a psycho) and leaves him to go back to her ex-husband. After going on a drilling rampage, Jonathan breaks into his home, and drills him as she's in the shower. She gets out of the shower and sees a body under the covers in bed. She shuts the light off, thinking it's her ex-husband and crawls in bed. Credits roll.

I was furious. I really wanted to see Jonathan killed or apprehended at the very least. Instead he just gets away with everything.

Whirlygirl said...

Thanks JSP! This was funny review to read before I unfortunately have to go sit in class and discuss Moby Dick, not that I'm not enjoying it, but its horrothon, and I'd much rather be reading and writing reviews. I'm curious; does Jonathan kill any of the lousy band members that pushed him into madness?

Octopunk said...

That's what I wanted to know! Why is it it's always the hobos that bear the brunt of random horror in the world? Where's the accountability?

I've never seen this. I recall JPX saying it was mostly too dark to see. (Then again, this would be back in the days of VHS.)