Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nightmare Castle

(1965) *1/2

After a jealous count discovers his beautiful wife unfaithful, he chains her and her lover to a wall in the dungeon. When she refuses to change her will on his behalf, he burns them with acid and then administers electro-shock therapy before removing their hearts. After this gruesome beginning, the movie enters sleep mode for the next hour or so.

Since his wife left fortune to her mentally unstable sister, the count takes her as his new bride. His intention is to play tricks on her until she can be deemed insane and shipped off to the loony bin. Unfortunately for him, the psychiatrist he enlists to vouch for her craziness turns out to be quite the detective, putting a monkey wrench into his nefarious scheme.

The obvious dubbing and regurgitated plot make for a negative overall viewing experience. I should know better than to watch generic public domain movies by now but I like to learn things the hard way.

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