Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Bat

(1959) **1/2

The Bat is the classic murder-mystery-in-a spooky-house movie that was all the rage from the 1930s-50s. The awesome, silky voiced, swishy Vincent Price is Dr. Wells, who has recently learned that a million dollars has been stolen from the local bank and is reportedly hidden in a large, creepy house currently being rented by mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder. At the same time a murderer named The Bat is on the loose and has set his eyes on the denizens of the spooky house, presumably also seeking the fortune. The Bat is described as a “man with no face” with large talons on his hands. Following a series of calls to the police, the police chief arives and attempts to identfy The Bat. The Chief has a number of suspects to choose from including Dr. Wells, and a butler with a sketchy past. Fortunately for all involved, mystery writer Van Gorder figures out whodunit using her mystery writing background.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I really dig these old flicks. The Bat is similar to The House on Haunted Hill, another one of my faves from the time.

How cool is this poster?


DCD said...

I have a feeling I would really like these movies. I loved the original "House of Wax" with VIncent Price and that kind of old world b&w stuff is something I have always enjoyed.
Maybe that will be my strategy for next year!

JPX said...

I'll have plenty of recommendations for you!