Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Landshark's Vas deferens had a tough day

That is all.


miko564 said...

Owwwwww. Hope ice helps...

P.S. I will never again worry about revealing too much information.

Landshark said...

Damn...thanks. I forgot I'm supposed to be icing. They mentioned that.

That just sounds like it'll suck almost as much as the procedure itself though, no?

Btw, I completely passed out during the procedure. I took a valium prior and couldn't remember if I was allowed to eat or not, so I didn't. Plus I'm a complete wuss when it comes to needles in my balls.

AC said...

yeah, thanks landshark for raising the bar on self-disclosure!

feel better... good luck healing.

DCD said...


But I applaud you, man. It takes a special guy to do that.