Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shaky Watchmen footage from Comic Con is fantastic

From Topless Robot, here's the Comic Convention footage of that movie everyone wants to see from the comic everyone likes to read. It's highly illegal, so don't wake mom up.

See it here

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Jordan said...

I'm so into this it's not funny. I've watched the trailer like fifty times.

I have to keep reminding myself that Zach Snyder made TV commercials and that's why his team is so good at this kind of cinematic microsurgery.

For example, the sound mix on the trailer is unbelievable. Notice that each measure of the song corresponds to a shot of the trailer with a sound effect on the downbeat (the first is the wobbling of the worm gear inside the clock; Osterman's scream, Laurie crashing through the burning tenement ceiling, the snap of the flag at the grave all follow).

Along these lines, the trailer takes advantage of the odd tempo of the song: the early downbeat and cymbal crash in the third line is used (masterfully) to highlight the guy going out the window.

Like I said, fifty times. Don't waste time making fun of me! Instead, go watch it more times yourselves.