Thursday, July 31, 2008


(This delightful painting came up when I searched "pothead" images. Interesting stuff.)

Surprise Stonerthon competition Friday 8/1 through Sunday 8/3! Same rules as Horrorthon except all movies must be marijuana related! Reviews next week! Winner take all! Begins in one hour and 20 minutes! Who's with me? Let's bring it in... Whoooooooaaahhh - STONERTHON!



miko564 said...

I believe you will have to make me a list of what movies qualify prior to my committment.

I'm not sure I can stomach this, but I'll try, for you, JSP.

DCD said...

Definitely need a list. And I am working, so I probably won't get to watch much...but it's good practice for October!

Whirlygirl said...

I'm booked solid all weekend, but I think I should be able to squeeze one in. I'll have to choose something really terrible, which won't be hard.

I definitely look forward to reading everyone's reviews. I'm sure they'll be hysterical.

AC said...

johnny sweatpants, you know i'm in, but am at a conference much of the weekend (though it's here in boston) so i can't possibly win despite my excellent strategy. yay, an excuse to rewatch "friday" and to watch "harold and kumar 2" whether it's any good or not.

how 'bout criteria instead of a list, like we do with horrorthon?

for instance, any one of the following:
1. obtaining or using marijuana is focus of plot
2. pot is smoked in more than one scene
3. major character is a pot dealer

AC said...

if lists would help:

Johnny Sweatpants said...

That Wikipedia list looks like the place to start but I think we can leave it up to the participants. After all, anything can be considered a stoner movie if you're in the right.. what the hell is the word I'm looking for here?

It's a goddamn tragedy that Pineapple Express doesn't open until next week. Maybe we should postpone a week?

I probably won't be able to bang out more than a couple myself.

Octopunk said...

Does Mary Poppins count? That's what I have on Netflix.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I think Mary Poppins is most appropriate!

Landshark said...

Great idea.

How does this work, exactly? We watch the flick and then write a brief review as a comment in this thread? Start a new post for each new review? Create a new blog?

Anonymous said...

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