Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shootin' and The Ivy

Mrs. Smith here, wanting to show off our handiwork on those poor paper people. Mr. Smith's is on the left, mine on the right. (I admit my favorite part of this is pretending to be Angelina Jolie. Since I am on the pro-Angelina side.) It was a total blast, and thanks miko for the introduction! And I fully blame you if my husband goes out and buys a gun! (kidding, kidding)
Look at all the pretty bullet-holes!

Please excuse the look of the rest of these pictures (other than the first one of AC and Whirly which I managed to get before my camera died.) The rest were taking with R's phone, so they won't be so pretty, but it's proof that we all were there! It was great to see and meet everyone. I look forward to the time when we can have a full board Horrorthon get-together!
AC and Whirly

R and JPX

miko promised me money if I made this go away

But I decided to torture him instead

The Hotties of Horrorthon

PS - the one shot she took of all of us was so blurry it was pointless to even put it up. Thanks everyone for a great time!


JPX said...

That's some damn fine shootin' guys! I'm beginning to believe you are Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Thanks for posting the pictures - I knew that the waitress would screw up the group shot!

Whirlygirl said...

I agree with JPX you guys are hot!

I look like a deer caught in headlights in that first picture.

DCD, I did some research on asylums today. There are several I'd love to go to but they have either been demolished or renovated. There are still plenty more, but there appears to be tight security, one of them the police even booby trap the place. There appears to be a high risk of getting arrested, but you’re Mrs. Smith, right, and if we can't out run them I can't see why we couldn't at least talk ourselves out of trouble. I can be quite charming when I need to be.

I've also been researching forts, old cemeteries, abandoned jails and schools. Some of these are less high risk. There are some really great looking asylums in MA and CT with horrifying histories. I’m going to take out a stack of books from the library this week and reads up on them.

I'll email you info later.

miko564 said...

Is it wrong that I am so proud that I taught two people who had never held handguns before, and basically had all kill shots on a silhouette target? (Seriously, all center mass and headshots, textbook.)

DCD, will pay somehow for those pictures. I will at some point remember something horrible from your past....(jesus, my hands are the size of JPX's head)

AC said...

ok miko you brag (rightfully so) about training dcd up to sharpshooter status, then threaten to reveal something from her past? please explain that strategy (but first reveal something horrible from dcd's past that will push thoughts of landshark's "procedure" out of my head).

damn i'm up past midnight again.

miko564 said...

Honestly, even if I could come up with something, it probably doesn't behoove me to start an embarrassing story war with someone who knew me in my teens...

DCD, could you please take those pictures down now?! (perhaps begging will work)

You are up late again, AC, good for you.

Octopunk said...

Holy crap! The bullet holes!

Holy crap!

Miko, relax, you look great. Love the beard. Last I saw you your hair still hung below your ears.

And if you want strange size comparisons, next time you see JPX look at his ears. They're freaky small!

50PageMcGee said...

fyi, i'm reading the zombie survival handbook --- those body shots will work when you're taking down a perp, but remember, headshot is the only way to take down a zombie.

miko, next time you take them back, you're going to have to help them simulate panic. it won't be all fun and games when zombie-octo is chasing them down.

miko564 said...

Back in the, before I got fat and started to look like the guy from Clerks days, they used to make us run sprints flat out, THEN, shoot. It was supposed to simulate panic situations.

To get really technical, we used to work on a technique that was two to the chest quickly (to kill or slow, if they are wearing armor, or zombies), then a longer-aimed shot to the eyes (where the skull provides the least protection).

So the next time, I am taking you through your paces!!

AC said...

not so fast miko. what's this about long hair? were you a hippie before you joined the military?

Octopunk said...

If they are wearing zombies? What?

miko564 said...

Octo, I was writing quickly before driving back to PA, YOU knew what I meant. (Although wearing zombies would totally freak out your enemies.)

AC, you can ask Octo and DCD, but I don't think hippie is a description anyone ever used for me. I would say the "longer" hair would just be an example of teenagers being idiots.

AC said...

hmm, i may need to see a photo to draw my own conclusion.

Whirlygirl said...

I vote that Miko, or someone else, posts a picture of Miko with long hair.

Whirlygirl said...

Also, I think it would be fun if we all posted a picture of ourselves when we were younger. It could be from any age we choose.

miko564 said...

One, I pray that no such pictures exist outside of my mother's house anymore.

Two, as a tech-tard (not politically correct, sorry, it such went well together) how would one put a "real" picture on the web without a scanner?